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 The Trading Coach helps you to acquire and hone the skills necessary for survival and consistent profit.
Praise for JW Lecture/Workshops:  Hi Jeff, Thank you for presenting the Discover Stock Market Charting program on June 9, 2015 and on  June 24, 2015 .  These were wonderful opportunities for the community to learn about the technique of using charts to recognize buying and selling opportunities in the market.   Here are some comments by attendees at the presentations: 1. Very informative and helpful 2. Very good presentation...would love more like this or a continuation of this one. 3. Fantastic hands on learning experience...great useful information. 4. Interesting strategies. 5.  Nice to practice finding the chart patterns.   The staff and community want you to know how much they appreciate the time and effort that goes into the preparation, travel and presentation of this program.  Thank you again for being a part of our Library programming. Sincerely, Marci Marci K. Buerger Adult Program Coordinator Mount Prospect Public Library Mount Prospect, Il  
The trading lessons from the Trading Coach by Jeffrey Wecker have been very helpful and eye opening to a different method of trading with charts. I have been following charts and listening to TV financial news gurus for a long time with only having limited trading success. The Wecker method of trading is to follow the charts for specific buy and sell points and removing the financial fog that one is subjected to daily. Tom
When I first got interested in trading, I tried watching YouTube videos and watching a Webinar for trading tips but those impersonal resources were only marginally beneficial compared to the one-on-one trading advice and guidance given by Jeff. A few months ago, I started taking lessons from him with little knowledge and experience about trading. Over those months and after several lessons, Jeff taught me to understand and utilize the fundamental principles of FOREX trading. By giving me individualized lessons appropriate for my skill level, Jeff has given me the tools to not only be a competent trader, but also a successful one. Each lesson from Jeff explored a new dimension to both technical and fundamental analysis which has correlated to a better understanding of the ever-changing market environment. -David B.